Sunday, March 20, 2011

Does this Blog make me look crazy....?

In the days since I posted my first blog, I've been trying to figure out what my NEXT entry should be about. I had thoughts like "what would the readers be interested in reading?" "Is anyone else interested in my latest shopping trip?" "Who's reading this blog anyway...?" That last though made me think, "IS anyone reading this blog???"

Which brings me to today's post.

While I spent my week worrying about what to write nex I realized, that if no one is reading this, then doesn't that mean I'm "talking" to myself?  Now, I am all for a running internal monologue, and tooting your own horn. But in an age when ANYONE can create a blog, twitter, facebook etc. Aren't we all just talking to ourselves with an unspecified audience? Its the 21st century version of, "if a tree falls, but no one's around does it make a sound?" Except in today's world it could be tweaked to, "If a blog gets posted and no one reads it does that make me crazy?"

Don't get me wrong I understand the argument of blogs are the new was to journal or keep a diary! But its really not...I'm not writing this to chronicle who my crush is now or what my future goals are. I'm writing this so other people can read this and get their own personal voyeuristic jollies off. (Its why any of us post ANYTHING online.) :)

So I guess my point is ( not that anyone is reading this); if you took away the smart phones and the mini computers, and people started saying out loud, what they are constantly tweeting; there would be no beds left in any of the hospital...they'd all be full. Because think about, if you passed someone on the street and you heard them say, "OMG! can't wait to hit the new sale lol", and they were by themselves. Wouldn't YOU think they were a bit nuts....?


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  1. If you need an example of an inner monologue pre-Twitter just hang with my mom for an hour or so. Just call and reserve your bed on Fruit Street first.